Some Micro Pig Facts

About Micro Pigs

Your little pig...

  • Has a lifespan of 12-20 years.
  • Is extremely affectionate.
  • Loves your attention.
  • Can be litter trained.
  • Smiles constantly.
  • Is easy to care for.
  • Is good with all animals.
  • Doesn't shed.
  • Makes a great pet.


Please browse our site to find out all you need to know about our Micro Pigs. Don't forget to have a look at the photo's, one of them could be your new pet just waiting to be taken home!

About Us

The Micro Pig Farm is situated in the North East of Ireland in the county of Louth and is Ireland's premier breeder of pet pigs. We have full provenance on all of our pigs, which were sourced from the foundation breeder, Rob Rose. Rob is the original Micro Pig Breeder in the UK, now supplying the entire world. ITV will be airing a programme on Rob Rose and his Micro Pigs on January 10th 2011, a definite must see for anyone interested in Micro Pigs.

Photo of Micro Pig
Photo of Micro Pig

Here at the Micro Pig Farm, we are totally committed to providing you with a healthy, happy pig that will bring you years of joy. However, we don't let our pigs go home with just anyone. We take time getting to know our clients and endeavour to match them with the perfect piglet for their family. We like to be sure that not only will you be happy with your new adopted pet, but that your new edition will also be happy with his/her new family. Because of this, we insist that you take time to go through the FAQ's page and Care Sheet and ensure that you have the time, patience and facilities to adopt a little piggy.

If you decide that you can't live without one of our adorable Micro Pigs, your next step is to contact us. You can do this via the contact page.

Choosing a piglet from The Micro Pig Farm is definitely a wise choice. We have knowledge and experience, the essential ingredients in producing healthy piglets, so please don't be taken in by breeders looking for a quick sale. Always choose a reputable breeder! Once you take your new pet home, we will continue to support you, offering advice and guidance as necessary. We are only ever a phone call away so, rest assured, help is always at hand.

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