Some Micro Pig Facts

About Micro Pigs

Your little pig...

  • Has a lifespan of 12-20 years.
  • Is extremely affectionate.
  • Loves your attention.
  • Can be litter trained.
  • Smiles constantly.
  • Is easy to care for.
  • Is good with all animals.
  • Doesn't shed.
  • Makes a great pet.


Please browse our site to find out all you need to know about our Micro Pigs. Don't forget to have a look at the photo's, one of them could be your new pet just waiting to be taken home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Micro Pig?
A Micro Pig is, in other words, a little pig, much smaller than a regular pig. This has been developed over many years of careful breeding. Our own stock of Micro Pigs originate from Rob Rose, Foundation Breeder in the North West of England.

How big will Micro Pigs grow?
As already stated, it is impossible to be exact about the size of a fully grown Micro Pig. That said, they generally do not grow any bigger than knee height. But do not worry, we will be in a position to advise you when you are choosing your new pet. A Micro Pig is fully grown in 3 years.

How are they so small?
Micro Pigs have been developed over many years of careful breeding, hence their small size.

How long do I have to wait before I can take my Micro Pig Home?
Piglets are generally between 8-12 weeks old before they are taken from their mother. We ensure they are completely ready to leave before we let them go to their new home.

Can anyone own a Micro Pig?
No, you must have a Pig Herd Number from the The Department of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries. We will be happy to assist you with your application.

Do Micro Pigs make good house pets?
They do but just like little puppies, they require lots of patience and attention. Also, as they are so sociable, they can become destructive if you leave them alone too long.

Will my Micro Pig get along with my other pets?
Yes, pigs generally bond well with other pets.

Will you ensure I get all the necessary information that I need?
Before you take your new pet home, you will receive all the necessary information. We also provide a care sheet.

Can we visit your farm?
Visits to our farm are by appointment only.

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